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The Importance of High Quality Photos: Understanding Pixels, Resolution and File Types

with David Paul Bayles

In this not-too-technical class, artists will learn how to easily and confidently manage the images of their artworks for submissions, giclee printing and press requests. Learn to understand the juried submission guidelines and how to submit exactly what they request.

Topics Covered:

  • What a pixel is and why they are so important
  • How to properly re-size your images for juried submissions
  • A simple folder and file management system for artists so you can easily locate the image you want and always maintain an original, pristine image of your artwork 
  • When, where and why to use Jpegs, Pngs, or Tiffs
  • The difference between DPI and PPI 
  • Why the “Save As’ command is your best friend
  • The importance of high quality photography of your artwork as one of the foundations of your art career

This is an online workshop – Cost is $10 at registration

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